Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom Presets: a Contest!

A couple months back, Trey Ratcliff released three sets of Lightroom presets. As someone who uses Lightroom for 95% of my photo processing and who’s always interested in ways to try new things, I bought them. I’ve been quite happy and have used them to process several images.

Here are a couple examples. First, we have a photo I made down at Alcatraz while doing some photo work for my book. We’re underneath one of the oldest structures, with light coming from above and a few small lamps. On the left is the original image. On the right is that same image after adding Trey’s Flatjack preset.

Old Corridor at Alcatraz Old Corridor at Alcatraz - with Trey's Lightroom Presets

In another example, I have this photo from the James Clark building on the Stanford campus. It’s an interesting mixture of straight and curved lines that needed an “ooph.” That boost is shown in this before-and-after juxtaposition, with the effect on the right as a result of the Beyond Expectations preset.

Curved Stairway at Stanford Curved Stairway at Stanford - after Trey's Lightroom Preset

You can purchase Trey’s Lightroom Presets from Stuck in Customs – they’re about halfway down the page.

A Contest for a $250 Adorama Gift Card

For the month of November, Trey’s running a contest to see what folks are doing with his presets. The winner will receive a $250 gift certificate from Adorama!

To participate, just share your photo on Google+, Facebook or Twitter and add the tag #TreysLightroomPresets along with the name of the preset you used to the photo’s description. You can post as many photos as you want during the month and on December first they’ll pick a winner at random.

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