Three Business Themes for 2014 from New Media Expo

New Media ExpoLast weekend was New Media Expo, a gathering of a few thousand bloggers, podcasters, social media pros, photographers, filmmakers, and others interested in exploring the world of online media. I was invited to present on the topic of photography for the web, and while I was there I talked to quite a few other attendees and some vendors on the trade show floor.

As I look at being a photographer going into 2014, here are three key themes I took away and would suggest others might consider:

  • Podcasting is big, and it’s growing. It’s not just the tech nerds that are podcasting anymore. Standalone and networked podcasts are growing in all subject areas. I have at least one idea about how a photographer could use a podcast to grow their client services business… I’ll write that up in a separate article soon.
  • Networking. Do it. Being able to skillfully connect (and stay connected) to other business professionals has always been a key business concept. The internet and social networking means that we have an increasing number of ways to keep in touch. Savvy folks are going to use these tools effectively. Want to up your networking savvy? Check out Dave Delaney’s New Business Networking book. Although our tools and networks change over time, the concepts remain the same.
  • Ignore Google+ at your own risk. I’ve been a big Google+ fan since the day it launched, but it hasn’t caught on in many circles (pun intended). As Google+ expert Amanda Blain noted in her talk at NMX, Google+ isn’t just a social network: it’s the backbone for current and future Google services. Ignoring Google+ is ignoring Google. Smart folks aren’t going to ignore Google.

Were you at NMX? Even if you weren’t… what’s your take on these themes? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment below.

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