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I'm Aaron. I run Splat Photo.I’m Aaron, the founder of Splat Photo and I’d love to help you. Here’s how to quickly get the most from the Splat Photo photography information and resources.

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There are a ton of photography resources and news sites on the internet; here at Splat Photo you can get the most important photography bit of information each weekday with the Daily Photo Thing. Just leave your email address in the box over to the right and you’ll get a brief email after each weekday with the most important thing that happened. Sometimes it’s a gear announcement. Sometimes it’s a killer tips or tricks article you should read. Occasionally it’s just a thought-provoking article about the industry or art.

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We’ve written about a lot of gear, books, and other resources for photographers. You can read many of those starting with our Reviews & Resources page.

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The general publishing schedule is that new feature articles are released on Tuesday mornings, so if you want to casually drop by, Tuesday or Wednesday is a good day to do it. The are other ways to follow along as well.

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