The Online Business of Photography: Register for NMX for Business Smarts

Serious Chimping at BlogWorldThe concepts and things known as “new media” are no longer in the nice-to-have or luxury category for modern photographers. Whether you’re a professional making a living from photography or a hobbyist who simply wants their work to be seen by a wider audience, odds are that you’ll employ at least some of these techniques in your photography ventures:

  • blogging
  • social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • other social media such as Twitter
  • visual media such as Pinterest
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing

If you’re interested in how to better use these techniques and want to learn from industry leaders, consider attending NMX (formerly known as BlogWorld and New Media Expo1). The event is January 6-8th in Las Vegas. You’ll be able to learn from a variety of industry leaders. I’ve found that the attendee makeup at NMX is about 1/3 social media professionals, 1/3 solo bloggers, and 1/3 folks that are in other industries but are interested in using online tools to grow their businesses. Photographers fit squarely into that final grouping.

It’s not a photography-specific event, but it’s an event for smart businesspeople from a variety of professions. It would be great to see you there! Early registration rates expire on September 21st – sign up today.

  1. I’ve spoken at the event in the past and will be speaking in 2013. Having attended BlogWorld for a ocuple years before speaking I think it’s a great event. If you click through my links and register, a small bit of your registration fee gets returned to me to help support this site. 

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Aaron Hockley is a photographer with tech background; he frequently mixes these things together and shares the results. He works as a photographer in Vancouver, Washington and frequently writes and speaks about current photography topics. Follow Aaron on Twitter: @ahockley or send him an email.