Photo Marketing Idea for 2014: Start a Podcast

A couple weeks ago I was at New Media Expo and as I previously noted, one of the big themes was that podcasting is big and it’s getting bigger.

For certain genres of photography, I could see how this might be a great way to reach new clients.

Let’s take wedding photographers as an example.

Create a Local Wedding Prep Podcast

Podcasting for PhotographyWhat if you created a wedding preparation podcast with a local angle? Once every week or two, you could record an episode talking about the various aspects of wedding preparation. I’m not a wedding photographer, but even I can come up with several topics such as:

  • venue choices
  • photography choices
  • floral choices
  • catering
  • music
  • invitations
  • guest books and other decor
  • DJs and other entertainment

I’m sure you can think of even more topics. For each of these topics, offer your expertise.

Soft Sell Your Services

As you host the podcast, share a bit of your insights that you’ve learned as a wedding photographer. You won’t need to push a hard sales message, but folks will know that you’re in the business and that you know what you’re talking about. When appropriate, mention your services.

Work Your Network to Reach Brides

Reach out to your network of vendors and other partners in the community to spread the word about your wedding planning podcast. Get it listed in podcast directories, and connect with other wedding planning resources online for publicity. Heck, some targeted Facebook advertising might pay off here.

Will it take some time? Yes. Will a wedding or two that results from folks hearing about your expertise pay you well for that time? Assuming you’re pricing things appropriately… yes.

I talked about weddings. I’d love to hear your thoughts on other genres of photography that might benefit from a podcast to reach clients. Leave a comment below.

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