Night Photography with the Sony NEX-6

I’ve always had a thing for night photography; when I chose to purchase the Sony NEX-6 one of my questions was how it would perform for longer exposures at night.

Shortly after acquiring the camera I headed down to the Portland waterfront to see what I could do.

NEX 6 Night Photography

I found the camera has performed quite well for the long nighttime exposures (up to 15 seconds). The Sony NEX-6 features an APS-C sized sensor, and the long exposure noise seems comparable to that on my Nikon D7000. This makes sense because they have a very similar sensor (I know that the D7000 sensor is made by Sony… I’m not sure if it’s the exact same or just very close).

Night Photography HDR with Sony NEX-6

I did have an interesting conversation while making these images… I was set up with my NEX on a tripod next to another gentleman with a large DSLR on his tripod… he gave me a couple interesting glances and then asked if my cameras was a Micro 4/3rds. Apparently I looked like I knew what I was doing but I was doing it with a tiny camera. If you’re the type of photographer who wants to go around and compare gear length, you’re going to feel inadequate with a mirrorless camera.

I’m pleased. The NEX-6 has performed quite well for nighttime images.

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