Splat Photo is published by Aaron Hockley.

General Contact Information

Contact Aaron via email:
If appropriate, you can also contact Aaron via phone: 360-818-4449.

Interview Requests

Splat Photo publisher Aaron Hockley has been interviewed and quoted by various media outlets and publications and is available for interviews or commentary. He is most often contacted by a publication seeking information about the world of a modern connected photographer, often with the angle of how technology, online services, or social media affects photographers and the photography industry.

For non-urgent inquiries, please email and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. If you’re working on a tight deadline, call Aaron at 360-818-4449.

Review Requests & Policies

Splat Photo occasionally features reviews of products that are of interest to modern photographers. This might include (but is not limited to) photography gear, software, apps, online services, or books. I like to be transparent about how this process works.

The tone, quality, and opinions expressed in product or service review on Splat Photo are not affected based on the fact that a product was provided for review. That is, I’m not automatically going to write a glowing review because you give me something to review. I also want to see companies succeed; if I run into problems or concerns I’ll communicate with you before writing something horrible. My overall concern is to provide an honest, constructive review for the readers of Splat Photo.

Please contact Aaron ( if you have a product or service that might be a candidate for review. For physical products, all shipping fees will be paid by you. If the product is to be returned after review, this includes return shipping.