Lightroom for iPad – Available Now

Lightroom for iPad

Last night while I was giving a talk to a camera club on the Oregon Coast, Adobe was dropping the news that Lightroom for iOS is now available which brings mobile editing and image organization to the iPad, able to be synchronized with Lightroom 5 running on a desktop computer. Read the announcement on Adobe’s blog or download Lightroom from the App Store Lightroom for … [Read more…]

Copyright Registration Prices Going Up May 1

Copyright Symbol

Lots of photographers talk about copyright, but I’m pretty sure most of them don’t actually register with the government. If you’re in the United States, know that the fee for registering a collection of photographs is increasing significantly on May 1, from $35 to $55. Here’s the full listing of new copyright registration fees. While you don’t need to register your … [Read more…]

Can a Photo Lie?

When Photos Lie

We often hear that the photo will tell the truth, but what happens when it’s one quick frame, perhaps taken out of context? Sports shooter Scott Strazzante tackles this issue with a controversial photo in which a player appears to be throwing double birds, but when viewed in context it seems to just be an unfortunate frame. What’s your take? Is this photo telling the … [Read more…]

Some Color for Your Camera: LensSkins

LensSkins - Fire

Last night I saw something very interesting… it doesn’t seem to be super-new, but it was new to me so I wanted to pass it along in case you have missed out as well. It’s called LensSkins, and they’re a product designed to adhere to your lenses or lens shades adding a bit of interesting design to your camera equipment. There’s a huge selection of patterns designed for … [Read more…]

Twitter: Now With Moar Photos

Twitter Logo

Yesterday everyone’s favorite 140-character social network introduced the ability for folks to also share 4,000 words… at least if you believe the old adage. And how about tagging? Twitter announced on its blog that it’s adding two major features for photo sharing on the service from its mobile apps. The first allows users to share up to four photos with a tweet, and … [Read more…]

Open Source Photo Software Inspired by Lightroom?

Darktable Screenshot

Yesterday I learned of Darktable, an open source software package that looks and performs functions similar to Lightroom. Unlike Lightroom however it’s not marketed by Adobe for money, but rather as an open source program available for anyone to use freely. How does it stack up? I haven’t had a chance to play with it personally but I’ve seen a couple interesting … [Read more…]

Photo Contests and Competitiveness: Another Cheater Caught

Sony World Photography Awards

I suppose photography contests can be much like any other competitive venture… there are those who will push as hard as possible to win at all costs, including bending or breaking the rules. We see it in professional contests and we see it in other places. Earlier this week the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards Youth Competition were announced… and yesterday … [Read more…]