Market Yourself as a Photographer via an Action Figure!

Here’s something I haven’t seen before: a photographer goes all-out and has a bunch of self-promotional action figures produced to send out to art directors and potential clients. Jens Lennartsson recently produced a small army of figures of himself, which he then placed into well-designed boxes and is sending strategically to get his name and, um, figure into the world. It’s … [Read more…]

Why Aren’t Your Facebook Fans Seeing Your Posts?

Have you set up a Facebook page for your photography business? Have you wondered why it seems like despite your number of fans, the posts are only beeing seen by a small subset? Perhaps you noticed the “Seen by” number that shows underneath each item on a Facebook page and wondered why it wasn’t higher. Recently I was asked: My question has to do with … [Read more…]

Pinterest and Getty Strike a Deal

Pinterest has always been subject to copyright controversy, with a variety of photographers, designers, and other visual intellectual property holders occasionally crying foul about the form in which the social network allows users to “pin” imagery, often without attribution. Getty Images and Pinterest recently struck a deal in which Pinterest pays Getty some money, Getty … [Read more…]

Flickr Offers a Photo Contest… and it’s a Rights Grab

This is more than a bit disappointing. Traditionally Flickr’s terms of service and other conditions have been very photographer-friendly… whether we’re talking about the fact that Flickr makes it easy to specify a copyright license for your photos, or that the service’s terms don’t claim more rights over your images than needed to run the site. Unfortunately it looks like … [Read more…]

Join me at Photo Pro Expo 2014

As a pro photographer (or a serious hobbyist) one is faced with hundreds of potential events, workshops, and conferences to attend each year, and it can be hard to decide which is going to offer the right mix of education, networking, and other opportunities at a reasonable price. Should you go to Photoshop World? What about ImagingUSA? Or Photo Plus Expo? WPPI? What about … [Read more…]

Adobe Account Breach Worse Than Reported – Decrypted Credit Card Numbers Involved

As we head into the weekend unfortunately the biggest news I saw in the photo space yesterday came in the form of a good old paper snail mail letter sent to my business mailbox… from Adobe. It seems that when Adobe had their large security breach a few weeks ago, not only did the attackers get hold of customer names, email addresses, and encrypted credit cards, but … [Read more…]

National Association of Realtors Asks for Free Photography from the Wrong Guy

It’s not newsworthy that someone is trying to get a photographer to work for free or give away a free license to images, but every once in a while it happens at such a high profile that it is noteworthy. This week the National Association of Realtors, a huge professional and lobbying organization, attempted to get free photography from none other than David “Strobist” … [Read more…]