Free Photoshop World Expo Ticket

With Photoshop World Atlanta coming up next month, I’m seeing a few companies that are giving away passes for the expo floor. You’ll be able to check out the huge trade show and take advantage of the vendor-sponsored education happening in booths. I see that one of my favorite photo companies, SmugMug, is offering a free pass to the Photoshop World Expo. Hit this link to … [Read more…]

RIP Calumet Photo

It’s not that uncommon for a company to go out of business, but today’s abrupt departure of Calumet Photo from the realm of photo retailers was notable in that they weren’t exactly a small player and that it happened seemingly overnight, with stores shutting down immediately. Their website and Twitter account are completely gone as well. I first saw the news yesterday … [Read more…]

Getty and Flickr No Longer Sitting in a Tree

Remember a few years back when Getty and Flickr got all cozy in an arrangement that supposedly would allow anyone to become a stock photographer with Getty? Yeah, so much for that plan. The relationship has “dissolved” in what looks to be a less-than-amicable breakup between the two companies. I’ve seen a few reports on the situation, but I thought that John Harrington’s … [Read more…]

Nikon Wins VR Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Sigma

We kicked off this week in the photography world with a bit of legal news, as Nikon won a settlement (approximately 15 million dollars) against Sigma in a patent infringement lawsuit related to vibration reduction (image stabilization) technology used by six Sigma lenses. Read more of the details over at Nikon Rumors… … [Read more…]

500px Prime Lives… With More Money for Photographers

500px has shown a willingness to experiment with various services and sales offerings to help photographers make some money from images shared on the service, and their Prime offering is now available for all. Originally they announced it as a marketplace for 500px photographers to sell images with photographers only getting 30% of the fee, but now that the service is … [Read more…]

John Paul Caponigro on Limited Editions

Limited edition photographs are frequently found in the fine art world, but it’s an area without clarity for many photographers. Should you release photos in a limited edition series? How many should be in that series? How do you price them? If you’re a fine art collector, should you favor limited editions for your collection? Photographer John Paul Caponigro tackles … [Read more…]

DEDPXL is Live – See What Zack Arias Just Did

Each year, photographer Zack Arias takes a break from social media near the end of the year. This year he hinted at something new and then we started to hear about DEDPXL. What is DEDPXL? It’s hard to pigeon hole it into a certain category, but it’s kind of just a bunch of cool photography information and resources, with more to come. Right now you can find some gear … [Read more…]