My Photography Purchasing Department

Assuming your photography business (or hobby) is like mine, you don’t have a large support staff that takes care of your shopping and purchasing for your variou gear and supplies. Time you spend with these things is time that you’re not spending making photographs or marketing your business. In the last year I’ve had a realization that there’s one thing I did a while back that made me more efficient as a small business owner.

I’m a member of Amazon Prime (hit that link for a free 30 day trial).

Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime has a few benefits, but the major one for me as a small business owner is that I receive free two-day shipping on almost everything from Amazon (and I can upgrade to overnight shipping for only $3.99 per item).

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve spent any time on, they carry darn near everything. Things I’ve purchased for my photography business in the last six months include:

The fact that they carry everything from photo gear to office supplies means that when I need something it’s a no-brainer to check Amazon. With one click I can have the item en route for delivery within a couple days. The $79/year price of Amazon Prime is more than worth it for the time I spend not driving to the store, shopping around, or otherwise worrying about purchasing.

In addition to the shipping benefits, Amazon Prime subscribers also get access to Amazon’s streaming movie collection and Kindle lending library.

Are you an Amazon Prime member?

You can join Amazon Prime with a 30 Day Free Trial to check it out.

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