After ImagingUSA: Make the Most of Your Conference Results

ImagingUSAIt’s ImagingUSA – the huge conference and trade show put on by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). It travels the country and 2014 brought it to Phoenix.

You attended some classes. You wandered the huge expo floor. You talked with a ton of photographers and vendors.

As things wind down, you have a couple options:

  • go home and keep doing everything the same
  • make the most of what happened at Imaging

Let’s talk about the latter

Review Your Notes

You probably have notes from sessions. Review your notes, whether they’re on paper or digital. Highlight key points and file them away… if they’re for reference, great. If there are actionable takeaways, get those onto your task list for future activity.

Sort That Swag

Did you come bag with bag(s) of stuff from the trade show floor? Rather than just throwing it in a corner in your office, go through the material. Hang onto anything useful, identify companies that need follow-up, and yes, trash the rest. Do you really need another keychain?

File for Follow-up

Set aside some time, make yourself a nice cup of coffee (or scotch… hey, who am I to judge?) and send follow-up notes to those of interest. Whether it’s a vendor, an instructor, or a fellow working photographer, send a short note to let them know you enjoyed meeting them at Imaging. If you hope to work with them in the future, file that as appropriate into your task list or contact system.

Events such as Imaging can be great experiences, but many photographers will come home and fail to act. Choosing to attend Imaging gave you an advantage in the ever-growing photography industry… don’t squander that opportunity by failing to act on all that you learned and the connections you made.

What are your favorite post-conference tips? Leave a comment below and share with others…

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